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For more information about Silverhurst Estate, please fill in the form to speak to a Silverhurst Estate Home Owners Association member. For property sales and rentals, please contact your local estate agent. 

What is the deduction of R120 on levy statements for CSOS?

This is a quarterly fee all residential estates are obliged to pay to the Community Schemes Ombudsman Service.

May I run a business or bed & breakfast from my house?

The running of businesses, bed and breakfasts and short-term rentals from Silverhurst Estate homes are not permitted.

What time does the Tradesman’s Entrance open/close?

It’s open Mon-Fri from 07:30-17:30 and it’s closed on Sat, Sun and on public holidays. It’s also closed for Builder’s holidays from 16 December for 3 weeks.

May I reserve the tennis courts for a group of friends?

No, the tennis courts are for residents only.  Guests may use the tennis courts if invited by a resident and the resident participating in the game.

Are service providers allowed to work on weekends?

Quiet inside work is permitted until 2 pm on a Sat. Outside or noisy work is not permitted on weekends or public holidays. Emergency work is allowed on weekends and during the builder’s holidays.

Are there any homes for sale or to rent at Silverhurst Estate?

The Estate Office is often aware of homes that are on the market and can put potential purchasers/tenants in touch with the relevant estate agents or the homeowners.

Does Silverhurst Estate have building rules in place?

Yes, Silverhurst Estate does have building rules in place, which can be viewed here.

Is my domestic employee allowed to live with me on the estate?

Yes, live-in staff are permitted to live at Silverhurst Estate.

Estate Office

021 794 3699


Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 16:00
The security office is open 24 hours 

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